Jun 21 2015

Connect with Decals & Stickers

We appreciate all the talk that this website has been generating. We are all really just humble people who work hard for your benefit. Should we be paid well? Yes. We do not need to sugar coat how awesome we are – we are simply the best. We’ve grown from small business to global domination, we deserve praise.

From embryo to full blown eagles of America. Speaking of America, I love my country more than you could ever know, and for you to challenge that statement should be a law of treason. I love the United States so much that I only shop at places that offer things made in America, like NostalgiaDecals.com.

That website sells awesome things like stickers for cars¬†and other amazing quality decals. I really appreciate how the both offer competitive prices, FREE shipping and make all their products nationwide. It’s really the best place to buy stickers if you ask me – which you’re reading my blog – so I would assume that would be the case.

It honestly really frustrates me when people forget about our troops and all the hard work they do. We need to band together like brothers (just like them) and support the unbelievable sacrifice they all endure. I just saw that movie American Sniper with Chris Kyle in it, and it broke my heart. Sorry, I meant to say with Bradley Cooper in it, as Chris Kyle is not an actor.

We are not just safe for no reason. We are safe because we have people protecting us night and day. Think about it, there wouldn’t be a place called¬†http://www.defense.gov/ if this wasn’t the case. It makes no sense to do things on a daily basis that don’t reflect patriotism. You need to be shoving your face and your pride into the faces of other countries. At all times. Or you are simply not patriotic enough. It’s that simple. It is the cold hard truth and you need to stop ignoring it you idiot.

Whoops, sorry, I did not mean to offend. I just called you out for no reason – I have no idea if you fit my description of an idiot or not. Besides, I digress, I was talking about the major motion picture “American Sniper” and why it made me sad.

Even after all he did for his country, someone killed him. That’s because the other guy had post traumatic stress disorder. This was probably because the community didn’t understand or support him when he came back. You’re a hero when you’re gone but once you come back you’re old news. It’s such a cruel way to live. We are a cruel world, but we have heart.

Absolutely nothing can show support for a country like proudly displaying a proud bald eagle on the back of your American made truck. What would make your Chevy look better than an army emblem on the levy? Go do yourself a favor and buy some military stickers from that patriotic website I was talking about earlier.

Keep thinking that nobody notices you, and you will become unnoticed. That there was a quote by me.

I appreciate your readership, don’t you stop. Don’t believe websites like cnn.com, believe me instead.

For I am the truth, the only truth.

Jan 15 2015

Cut the Rub, Lets get down to Biz

It’s time for you to get smart. Seriously, stop being fat. Enough is enough. I’m getting sick of repeatedly adding these posts these blogs. The message needs to get across that your lifestyle is not a healthy one. It’s very bad for you and toxic to your friends and family.

It’s like a bad relationship, just breakup with you boyfriend because chances are, there’s a better man out there who will value you more. I speak from first hand experience. As a former fatty, I can attest that losing weight changed my life. Now I go to the gym 7 days out of the week and I try to go multiple times a day.

Did I mention that I’m addicted to the gym? It’s a business that will continue to receive my money willingly, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. If I could say lifetime after lifetime I would, but my gym is actually LA Fitness. Yes, that was a terrible joke, but if you can’t laugh a little, what can you do?

It’s time to click here if you are a woman. It is the source that you’ve been waiting for. It’s the place you always dreamed was true, and now it is. Have you been having those bad dreams where your teeth fall out? Those are absolutely terrifying. I would know, I just had one this morning. Wow, I woke up the earliest I have this year. Granted it is only midway through January, but still, give me points.

By the way, it IS the new year. That means you should at least have the excuse of a new years resolution to get your but pointed towards the gym. Do that and you’ll be in awesome shape for 2016. Don’t waste 2015 my friend.

Click here now if you’re a fellow douchebag guy like me. I love myself and you should too. That is to say, you should love me. I love it. I’ll having you feeling really, really fly – kind of like a G6. Yes, the bad jokes will continue.

Don’t stop reading friends.

Jan 8 2015

The Most Awesome Realtor in the Game

Many things have been said about my client, but not enough things. Certainly not enough of the good variety. In case you were wondering, my client is none other than the greatest real estate agent in Michigan, Joe Morris.

Not only is he a man’s man, he’s also there for the women. Whether you are of the male or female variety, he will help you with your real estate needs. Why, I once saw him sell a room with 12 bedrooms and 8 full bathrooms in it. That’s not easy to do, let alone get the opportunity to do.

He’s got it all, the people skills, the knowledge, the power and the willingness to help. He serves all of the metro Detroit, but you’ll find no better realtor in the area. He’s a true New Baltimore realtor. We’re not talking about New Baltimore as in the city that’s located on the East coast. We’re talking about one of the far cities in the suburbs of Michigan. Near the lakes no less.

Save your house money!

He’s not just good near the lakes however. To the west of New Baltimore you’ll find many great townships, like Macomb. He also happens to be the greatest Macomb Township Realtor to ever walk this earth. I don’t care if you need a house, home, condo, business or anything in between – he will help you to your satisfaction.

I can’t count my fingers the amount of times he’s helped me or someone I know. That’s because I don’t have nearly enough fingers – or toes! Ah well, I have never been known to be funny anyway.

All that I am saying, is that if you need a man to sell or buy a home in Michigan, he’s your man. If he can’t do it, no one can. That’s not his motto, but it should be.

Check out what the word realtor means on wikipedia.

Thank you so much for reading.

Dec 30 2014

The beginning of information

We are a poignant group of people who will deliver you the greatest news source that you need.

Want more business info? Check us out on the web. As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this post, you already are checking us out!

That’s a funny anecdote we just referenced, if you think it’s hilarious, stay tuned.

There’s much more.

(Business information that is)